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SunRui Marine Environment Engineering Company Ltd.

SunRui Marine Environment Engineering Company Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary company of China State shipbuilding Co., Ltd (CSSC). SunRui is a high-tech integrated engineering company built up in 2003, engaged in research, design, manufacture, engineering, test and project contracting of marine environment protection.

BalClor® Ballast Water Management System

As the first Chinese company that gained the recognition of International Maritime Organization; the first Asian company and the fourth company in the world that gained the USCG certificate and further promoted the implementation of its internationalization strategy with foreign orders accounting for more than 80%, ranking first in the world’s medium and large ships market.

GasLink® Fuel Gas Supply System(FGSS)

Steering to greener future, SUNRUI has closely followed the international trend of clean energy development, and independently developed the GasLink® marine LNG fuel supply system. Up to the end of 2022, more 30 contracts have been signed by us.

GasLink® Methanol Fuel Supply System(LFSS)


The EGCS developed by SunRui can be operated in two modes: open loop mode and closed loop mode. According to the scope of application, the EGCS can be divided into open loop system, closed loop system and hybrid system.

NOxFree® SCR

SR series of Selective Catalytic Reduction System (hereinafter referred to as SCR series) is produced by SUNRUI Marine Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. with independent Intellectual property. The SCR series products of SUNRUI have been fully met the International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards for NOx Tier III.

Corporate information

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