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Yamato Metal Co., Ltd.
Booth No. B-57
Address 2770872
242-9 Toyofuta, Kashiwa, Chiba JAPAN
TEL +81-4-7143-1321
FAX +81-4-7143-5232
Product Classification Plain Bearings
Composite Bearings
White Metal Ingots
Low-Melting-Point alloys
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Company activities In 1900, Yamato Metal Co., Ltd. started business in Tsukishima, Tokyo, the birthplace of the heavy machinery industry, which later became a great engine for Japan's modernisation; Japan's first metal manufacturer, Yamato Metal Shokai.
With the main factory being relocated to Toyofuta, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba, in 1968 and changing our trade name to Yamato Metal Co., Ltd. in 1993, we have been using our professional skills and heavy machinery industry for more than 100 years since our establishment as "Metal Shop" who specialises in the production and sale of a variety of metals.