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We will exhibit FRP products of SUZHOU CITY MUYI SHIPPING EQUIPMENT of China, for which we are the agent in Japan. GRE pipes have been increasingly being used mainly for seawater lines in the double bottom and engine rooms. GRP grating is being introduced for chemical tankers and container ships, and other vessels.
In addition, we will introduce our Alternative marine power (AMP) initiative, the latest 3D design technology, and retrofit engineering using 3D scanners.

GRE Piping Systems - MY-MOS16/16C

GRE pipes have excellent resistance to seawater and chemicals and are free from corrosion, and can be used for more than 20 years, contributing to lower operation and maintenance costs for ship owners. Another feature of GRE pipes is that they are one-fifth lighter than steel pipes.

GRP Grating - MY-B, MY-F

The GRP grating we handle have advantages such as lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and flame resistance, and is currently widely used in the marine and offshore fields because it is easy to install on site and have a long service life.

Alternative Marine Power (AMP)

The introduction of shore-based power supply systems to eliminate emissions from anchored vessels is underway, and we can provide comprehensive support for the installation of such systems on vessels in operation, from engineering to material arrangements.

GRVE Inner Surface Coating of Distance piece

This technique involves applying GRVE to the inner surface of the distance piece of the scrubber drainage line to prevent abrasion due to sulfate and corrosion due to low pH.

Electrical System Design and Analysis Software

We are selling our own electrical system design and analysis software. Reflecting our years of experience in designing a variety of electrical systems, it has been well received by all the users. It can provide all the necessary information to prepare for installing cables, such as the shortest route, construction details, and length for each cable, and also list all the cables in the most efficient order of installation.

3D Scanner Measurement and Point Cloud Processing

We have extensive experience in measurement work using 3D scanners, as well as in processing point cloud data for modeling. We have engineered many modification projects based on this technology.

BWMS Retrofit Engineering Service / SOx scrubber Retrofit Engineering Service

Our experienced 3D processing technology enables us to provide accurate engineering with short delivery times and low cost. We can also be entrusted with the entire process, including the arrangement of materials and construction supervision.

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