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Kyowa-Jitsugyo Co., LTD.

Kyowa Jitsugyo Corporation (President: Hitoyasu Kitano) is a trading company specialising in ship-related businesses that has been in business for 54 years. To meet our customers' needs, we have begun selling industrial and energy-related products, drones, and offshore wind farms in addition to traditional marine equipment.
In particular, we have started to sell route guidance systems for offshore wind farms, energy storage systems and ROVs for inspection. In marine equipment, we continue to introduce new products such as cable towing equipment and 2-phase stainless steel valves.

Corporate information

Address 720-0824
6-4-8,Tajime-cho,Fukuyama-city,Hiroshima JAPAN
TEL +81-84-953-8811
URL https://www.kyowa-jitsugyo.co.jp/
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