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NAR Corporation

We are the sole distributor of Ingersoll Rand ITS. We sell impact wrenches, air hoists, air compressors, etc. It is a company that has acquired a hoist maintenance qualification and has a license for air hoist repair and maintenance. We have received support for automobile manufacturer production lines, aircraft assembly lines, large marine engine assembly lines, and plant repair work. We also handle a wide range of sales of marine diesel engine related products, disassembly/assembly, and hydraulic equipment including measurement equipment.

air hoist

Features = ■ Runs on oil-free (lubricant-free) air ■ High-precision positioning function ■ Highly durable and compact body ■ Can be used in explosion-proof areas ■ High safety and reliability


Air Compressor

Advanced compressed air systems that increase productivity, reduce operating costs and extend equipment life. Regardless of industry or application, our compressed air technology and services are recognized worldwide for their reliability, efficiency and performance.

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Address 662-0093
1-5Nishihira-cho,Nishinomiya-shi,Hyogo JAPAN
TEL +81-798-73-0593
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