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Our staffs at Seaborne Company Limited have been providing our Japanese customers with the finest overseas marine equipment and technology based on our half-century of experience as a maritime trading activity. We have been aiming to contribute to the Japanese shipping and shipbuilding industries not only to provide products just as a trading company, but also to provide engineering services, after-sales services and maintenance services that meet the needs of our customers.

Nitrogen Generation System

This is a membrane separation type nitrogen generator developed and manufactured by Air Products AS Norway, who has been holding the world's largest market share in the marine field as the pioneer of shipboard nitrogen generators.

BOG (Boil Off Gas) Compressor

This is an oil lubricated screw compressor developed by Tamrotor Marine Compressors AS (TMC) Norway, designed for LNG boil off management in type C tanks as well as membrane tanks. The capacity control system makes it highly suitable to control and maintain tank pressure, according to tank pressure philosophy.

Screw Type Air Compressor

This is an oil lubricated screw air compressor designed by Tamrotor Marine Compressors AS (TMC) Norway, for shipboard application. TMC Marine compressors will cover the needs of all air-operated applications onboard, such as Service air, Control air, Instrument air, N2 feed air – nitrogen generation, Air Lubrication Systems and so on.

Cryogenic Form Insulation system for Liquified Gas Tank and Pipelines

This is cryogenic insulation solutions for liquified gas tanks and pipe lines provided by Passer Marine in Norway.

Stabilized Platform

This is a stabilized platform developed by Stable AS in Norway, which is widely applicable to various equipment on board where stabilization is required even in rough sea.

Electric Motor

This is an electric marine motor provided by Rubix (ex-in Norway, which is used for many applications on board.

Fireman's Equipment

Various legal fireman's equipment provided by Marinesafes.

Life Saving Apparatus

Various legal life saving apparatuses provided by Marinesafes

Marine Electric Cable

Various marine electric wires and cables provided by Marinesafes.

High pressure refilling air compressor

High pressure air compressor for re-charging air cylinder provided by Marinesafes.

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