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IHI Power Systems Co., Ltd.

Since 1919, when we developed Japan's first marine diesel engine, we have been supplying environment-conscious engines that meet the needs of the times. Our new low speed engine, "Niigata 6M34RT", is a next-generation engine that boasts world-class fuel efficiency. From Products to Solutions, IHI Power Systems will continue to anticipate the changes of the times and create a new culture of manufacturing with "Environment" and "IoT" as keywords.

Marine Low Speed Diesel Engine

”Niigata 6M34RT”, a new marine low-speed diesel engine that achieves world-class fuel efficiency, is an environmentally and people-friendly next-generation engine.

Marine Dual Fuel Engine

The dual-fuel engine “Niigata 28AHX-DF” meets IMO NOx Tier III regulations. It has been used in many overseas operations, including Japan's first LNG-fueled tugboat and Japan's first LNG-fueled coastal cargo ship.

Z-PELLER® Azimuth Thruster

NIIGATA is the only manufacturer in the world that produces main engines and azimuth thrusters without M&A. Z-PELLER® is used in tugboats, disaster prevention vessels, offshore support vessels, and work ships due to their high maneuverability, and are highly supported both in Japan and overseas.

Next Generation Environmental Technologies

The first electric propulsion tugboat in Japan was equipped with an electric propulsion system that we put together as a system integrator. We are also developing an ammonia-fueled engine as a next-generation fuel, and are actively addressing environmental issues in the marine industry.

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