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Since the establishment of 1881, Hitz Hitachi Zosen Corporation has made long-term contributions to maritime industries, Here at BARI-SHIP 2023, we introduce our GHG reduction technologies, Methanation, Hitz Green SCR, Urea Dilution Skid and Methane slip reduction technology from LNG fueled vessels. Also, we would like to let you know our newly developed vessel data analysis system, HiZAS. Please come and visit our booth just next to the main gate!!

Hitz Green SCR

“Hitz Green SCR” is a system for marine diesel engine which is compliant with TierⅢ NO x emission Standards. This system has almost no impact on fuel efficiency as our SCR system resolves NOx in exhaust gases through catalytic reaction. We have already recorded over 10,000 hours’ commercial operation and received more than 150 orders as of February 2023.

Urea Dilution Skid

Urea dilution skid produces urea solution which works as a reducing agent for SCR system. Urea solution is generated by the mixture of urea prill and distilled water. It contributes to the reduction in operation costs of SCR and space saving of urea solution tank.


Methane slip reduction technology

We are challenging the development of a new catalyst which has a high-reduction rate of methane slip. We are aiming to achieve 70% or more methane slip reduction rate from LNG fueled vessels by 2026.

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Marine organism may cause the clogging of seawater systems, such as piping, condenser or cooler, by growing and adhering on the inner surface of seawater systems. Daiki Hychlorator and Daiki Copionator prevent marine organisms from growing or adhering on the inner surface of seawater systems.

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HiZAS® VDA (Vessel Data Analysis)

HiZAS links various platforms, analyzes vessel data, manage it in cloud and share at any time. Not only M/E performance, it has function to show operation performance such as Speed/FOC.


Methanation system(HiMethz)

Methanation system converts recovered CO2 with H2 to CH4. It is possible to convert CO2 from CH4 to synthetic methane repeatedly to realize the carbon recycle.

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