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Booth No. B-24
Address JAPAN
TEL +81-86-276-6610
FAX +81-86-274-0141
Product Classification Electronic Chart System
Internet LTE routerNew
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Company activities ECS-900-17N,19N is an electronic chart system designed for domestic shipping.

It has a operation unit similar to GPS plotter or radar and is user friendly simple ECDIS for all users who is not used to Personal computer operation.

R800E is a Docomo & SoftBank combined use onboard internet LTE router.

It has stable communication by using the designated external antenna.

Able to monitor everyday data usage, last 3 days usage and also monthly usage to prevent overuse.

Personal computers used for business can be given unregulated prioritization. This is an LTE router for domestic shipping that can balance both welfare and business communications.
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