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Booth No. A2-09
Address 555-0021
4-31 Utajima 2-chome,Nishiyodogawa-ku,Osaka JAPAN
TEL +81-6-6472-1664
FAX +81-6-6474-9303
Product Classification Vertical,single stage,double suction,centrifugal pump
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Company activities Since the first supply of the engine room pumps for the vessel in 1930, we, Teikoku Machinery Works, Ltd, have been dedicated to the Marine Industries for about 80 years with advanced innovative design in the research and development.
Latest Computation Fluid Dynamic (CFD) technology is adapted and applied to the design of core key parts like impeller, casings, and oteher for the engine room pumps for recent products line-up.
For the requirement like the safety navigation and operation of the vessels ownend by respected custommers, we have remained consistently true to the customers first principle.
Also, our new project of SUB-SEA will be launched based on our experience developed for many yaers.
Looking forward to your visit at our booth NO.A02-09.