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TOKYO KEIKIis a general manufacturer of measurement, cognition, and control devices that support the infrastructure of daily living through a variety of precision instruments. Using cutting-edge technology, we create products that replicate the functions of the human senses.
Marine System Company focuses on development of the products which contribute to Energy Saving and Safety Voyage building around Navigation Equipment.
We introduce our Brand New ECDIS EC-9000 Series and main products Auto Pilot PR-9000/3000 Series. We look forward to seeing you.


TOKYO KEIKI, a company that has built a track record of achievements and trust through more than 20 years of research and development of Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems, presents the new ECDIS EC-9000 series.

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Gyrocompass TG-8100/8600

Base on the previous model TG-8000, increasing output digital signal and renew the model. Also,TG-8600 for Hig Speed craft.

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Auto Pilot PR-9000 Series

The model PR-9000 is the latest autopilot system from TOKYO KEIKI. The PR-9000 is designed using the latest technology from a wealth of engineering and manufacturing experience of navigational instruments.

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Straight Leg Course Control Unit CC-06

Saving Energy (1 to 2%) . Easy installation. Can be installed in : PR-9000 and 6000 series

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Speed Log TD-310

A high-accuracy Log complying with the requirements of IMO. Many signal output functions as standard and Easy installation.

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Magnetic Compass SH-165A2

Designed to reflect the card image of compass bowl in a mirror through reflecting pipe. Universal Display can be installed on Auto Pilot as remote display.

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GPS Compass TC-300

Tokyo Keiki is well known as Gyro Compass maker, however, also produce GPS Compass. complying with the requirements of IMO.

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Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System WAS-1000

Indicator can be installed on the sueface of Tokyo Keiki Auto Pilot. You don't have to care about the installation place in Wheel House.

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Digital Course Recorder CR-100

Displaying and recording various information, like the date, hour, course, ship‘s heading, etc. Possible to write and record information via the use of touch pen Possible to write and record information via the use of touch pen.

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Corporate information

Address 144-8551
2-16-46, Minami-Kamata, Ohta-Ku, Tokyo JAPAN
TEL +81-3-3737-8611
URL https://www.tokyokeiki.jp/e/products/marine/
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