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Kashiwa Tech Co., Ltd.

Since its foundation in 1947, Kashiwa Tech has earned worldwide recognition as a unique manufacturer and supplier of total marine hazard prevention systems serving for protection of marine environment and ships from fires and explosion. At this exhibition, we will show the results of fire extinguishing experiment for battery-powered electric vehicle fire by Fixed High Expansion Foam Fire Extinguishing System, and the world's first Fixed High Expansion Foam Fire Extinguishing System for cargo holds of container ships, Fixed Fire-Fighting Monitor System for on-deck cargos of container ships with water discharge capacity that can reach the top of the container, Membrane type and PSA type for N2 Generator system that can be designed from small to large capacities and so on.

Fixed High Expansion Foam Fire-fighting System (for Car Holds)

We carried out the test to extinguish a fire on the said BEV and obtained the results that the flame was instantly extinguished by covering the burning BEV with high-expansion foam and the fire was successfully put under control soon.

Fixed High Expansion Foam Fire-fighting System (for Cargo Hold of Container Ships)

The rules also indicate that the systems accepted by administrations as satisfactorily equivalent to the gas system for the performance can be adopted as its alternative. Now our high expansion foam fire-fighting system is the first system in the world which is allowed to install in cargo holds of container ships.

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