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JRCS's mission is to always support and never stop the flow of maritime logistics while fostering sustainability in the marine industry to support current and future generations. Established in 2018, Digital innovation LAB of JRCS has grown significantly and is working together with partners from all around the world. Here at BARI-SHIP, we would like to introduce our digital product brand "infoceanus".

infoceanus assist

Infoceanus assist consolidates and centrally manages all equipment maintenance processes, including troubleshooting, trouble reporting, management, and information sharing, so that users can quickly respond to problems as they occur.

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infoceanus command

Using computer vision technology developed by JRCS, infoceanus command supports safe vessel operations by detecting vessels both equipped and not equipped with AIS, buoys, and drifting objects based on live images from cameras and by linking information with existing navigational instruments.

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infoceanus connect

Through the linkage between the ship's edge server and the cloud, infoceanus connect provides real-time information on the vessel's operations and engines status. In addition, it provides analytical functions to support fuel consumption and GHG reduction of managed vessels, contributing to SDGs initiatives.

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Automation Systems

Our automation systems such as our alarm monitoring and control panels allow seafarers to observe various onboard equipment safely and efficiently. We offer a wide range of products, from general purpose systems for varying merchant ships to equipment for high-performance specification ships such as LNG carriers.

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Power Management Systems

JRCS power management systems provide onboard power supply as well as overall protection of electrical equipment. We can provide low-voltage and high-voltage switchboards, starter panels, and high-voltage shore power connection systems.

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Crew Training

We implement training programs that meet STCW convention standards by providing hands-on experience through simulators equivalent to those used on board vessels. By doing so, we contribute to the safe operations of ships by thoroughly educating and training seafarers.

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Corporate information

Address 750-8515
1-2-14 Higashiyamato-machi, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi JAPAN
TEL +81-83-261-0200
URL http://www.jrcs.co.jp/en/
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