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Musasino Co., Ltd.

Musasino is a specialist in tank monitoring and control systems that has developed, manufactured and sold marine equipment for over 75 years.
We dispatches maintenance and inspection services for product systems from locations around the world to ships quickly and efficiently, providing a global maintenance service network.

LNG Fuel Tank Monitoring System

All-in-one structural radar type 1-inch pipe level gauge with a built-in level gauge, temperature gauge, pressure gauge and independent alarm developed with Musasino CTMS experience and unique technical capabilities.

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Electronic Trim / Heel Detector

The horizontal direction (heel or list) is calculated by angle, and the vertical direction (trim) is calculated by height, and the averaging function supports accurate volumetric conversion of liquid level. Conforms to IMO performance standards.

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Corporate information

Address 1450066
1-2-15, Minami-yukigaya, Ohta-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
TEL +81-3-3726-4414
URL https://www.musasino.biz/
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