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Thordon Bearings Inc.

Thordon Bearings is the leading manufacturer of pollution-free open seawater-lubricated propeller shaft bearings, grease-free rudder bearings, deck equipment bearings, shaft coatings and shaft seals for the global marine market. The COMPAC Open Seawater Lubricated Propeller Shaft Bearing System eliminates oil discharges while delivering the lowest operating costs for ship owners. Oil systems can be expensive to maintain, especially when utilizing air seals and EALs. With an open Thordon system, there is zero environmental impact and the headaches that come with oil leakage can be avoided completely. The COMPAC system is also proven to last! We have over 550 ocean-going tankers, bulkers, dry cargo, ferry, cruise, and container ships equipped with COMPAC seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearings. We offer a Lifetime COMPAC Bearing Wearlife Guarantee, unmatched in the marine industry!

COMPAC Open Seawater-Lubricated Propeller Shaft Bearing Systems

A Thordon COMPAC open seawater lubricated propeller shaft system offers considerable advantages to ship owners, not only in bearing wear life predictability and reliability, but they are also cheaper to maintain, easier to install and are future compliant. We have references on 550+ commercial vessels that use seawater-lubricated shaftlines and we are backing that up with a lifetime bearing wearlife guarantee.

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SXL Grease-Free Rudder Bearings

Reliability, long wear life and superior customer service have made Thordon the first choice in pollution free rudder bearing applications for over 25 years with an impressive reference list of over 4000 vessels. Thordon SXL self lubricating pintle, stock and carrier disc bearings operate grease-free, above and below the waterline. For Classed vessels, Thordon Bearings offers a 15-year bearing wear life guarantee for newbuildings.

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BlueWater Seal

The Thordon BlueWater Seal is a water lubricated forward seal with a Safe Return to Port (SRTP) emergency seal for 300mm (11.811”) to 1000mm (39.370”) propeller shafts. The sealing faces of the BlueWater Seal consist of a high strength, abrasive resistant main sealing ring mated with a stainless-steel face. The unique design features on the sealing face promote a hydrodynamic lubricating film while keeping water leakage to a minimum.

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ThorPlas-Blue Grease-Free Deck Machinery Bearings

Thordon deck equipment bushings are an ideal replacement for bronze and other non-metallic bearings in deck equipment applications. ThorPlas-Blue is available in a range of sizes and is easily machined to the dimensions required for fairleads, capstans, davits, gantries, pivot bushings, cranes, chain hoists, door and ramp hinge bearings and steering gear ram and linkage pins.

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Corporate information

Address 3225 Mainway, Burlington, Ontario, L7M 1A6 CANADA
TEL +1-3351440
URL https://thordonbearings.com

Contact in Japan

Japan Agent EMMA Trading Co., Ltd.
Address 15-2 Okada-Misato, Chita-city, Aichi pref. 478-0062
TEL +81-562-85-5353
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