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Okumura Engineering Corporation

Okumura Engineering Co., Ltd., a 100-year company founded in 1902, has always been engaged in the development of leading-edge products in the valve industry, and has been providing high-performance, high-quality, and highly reliable valves based on an integrated production system from design to manufacturing.
We intend to be a company that can contribute to the creation of an environmentally friendly environment and the creation of a prosperous society, while pursuing the latest in the times

EFVLN type Cryogenic valve for LNG

This valve provides stable sealing performance in any temperature range from very low to high.It is also durable, requiring no maintenance until the regular inspection of vessels, which is conducted every five years.

Corporate information

Address 520-2362
446-1 Ichimiyake, Yasu City, Shiga JAPAN JAPAN
URL https://www.okm-net.jp/english/
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