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Manufacturing and sales of ship nameplates, anti-corrosion materials, GRE sleeves. 3D engineering (measurement and design). Ship repair and inspection. Crew operation support. Development and maintenance of onboard communications. Business proposals from the standpoint of ship owners and management companies.

Design Boards for Ship

NMD has introduced the state of art printing technology to ship. Using sublimation thermal transfer printing technology can be printed directly onto metal object or film.


Repair Dock Broking, GRVE Pipe Supply and Assistance to Ship Owners

We locate the best repair yards in China, Singapore, Korea and other ports in the world. We offer other services like Rightship inspection, annual inspection arrangement, IHM preparation.


EGCS maintenance service

We support fleet management company to maintan continuous and sustainable EGCS system compliant operation by minimising downtime risk. 


Solutions for EGCS Distance Piece corrosion

GRE sleeve solution is known as one of the most ideal solution for Distance piece corossion issue. Requires Minimum severity of workmanship/site work and Minimum maintenance cost. On top, its enable to design its Lifetime.

Metal Primer & Rust Stain Remover

AGUA MG100 is designed for application to rusted steel surfaces in severe conditions and converts red rust into a harder and more stable black rust (magnetite) layer.AGUA SR200 is a rust stain remover that eliminates red rust and rust stain on coated steel surface. All you have to do is to apply this pre-mixed remover and wait for 30 minutes.


High voltage freshness preservers INAZUMA

We provide your crew with fresh vegetables and fruits.Low cost, safe, secure, and easy to install, it keeps perishable ingredients such as vegetables and fruits fresh.During the voyage, we will help provide the crew with fresh ingredients.


Simple onboard Wi-Fi kit "seagull"

We provide kits that enable Wi-Fi in various locations on board with just a few hours of work.


Intelligent Surveillance Camera

Video can be notified to a PC or smartphone in conjunction with external sensors such as smoke detectors and temperature sensors. In addition, since the main unit is equipped with image processing software, smart detection such as moving object detection and area intrusion is also possible.

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Date May 26(Fri.) 14:40-15:40
Location B Room
Title EGCS Service Experience & Solution/DX wouldn't be complete without onboard Wi-Fi.

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Address 1050003
3F, Shimbashi TS Bldg, 1-22-5, Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
URL http://www.maritimedisplay.co.jp

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