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We are integrated manufacturer fabricating Deck machinery and Deck crane. In addition to the commercial vessels, we also fabricate specialized big size winch for offshore vessels and working boats, and towing winch for tug boats. We will also work on the development of new technologies such as Heavy lift crane for Heavy lift vessels, Remote maintenance system by applying IoT and AI technologies and MANABE low-noise type pump unit.

Deck Machinery (Hydraulic Driven Winch, Electric Driven Winch)

MANABE enables to realize high performance with wide variations of products. We have been pioneering the production of vector inverter products in industry as well. We take pride in the achievements that customers can relieve. In recent years, we have developed low-noise pump units.


Deck Cranes (Single Crane, Twin Crane, Hose Handling Crane, Heavy lift crane)

The hydraulic deck crane has a structure of fully demonstrating ease of control and we also give consideration to enhancing reliability. In addition, we also focus on the development of Heavy lift crane, which is on an increasing trend of demand.


For Offshore and Specialized Vessels (Windlass and Towing Winch, Anchor Handling and Towing Winch)

We have supplied various deck machinery to be mounted on offshore and specialized vessels. We will also respond to ordering production of deck machinery which achievements to "safely" and "accurately" work on a specialized vessel.


Bucket Cranes

Based on originative hydraulic system and electric control, we completed operator-friendly, safe and high-performance crane in order to meet demands required for grab work.

Corporate information

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