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NIPPON HAKUYO Electronics, Ltd.

Our company specializes in sales and maintenance services for automatic telephone switches, telephone equipment, fire detection equipment, marine clocks, and onboard command systems. Thanks to the patronage of companies in the shipbuilding, shipping and other related industries, we have gained a high market share and quality reputation.
We will continue to take on the challenge of accurately grasping the needs of the market and customers in the field of marine DX.

Safety Grapchics System [ NHE CONNECT ]

NHE CONNECT is an integrated information system that visually displays information related to disaster prevention and lifesaving, including fire detection equipment onboard ships, to quickly notify the public of an incident, identify the location of the incident, and support the evacuation of the crew.

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Marine Telephones

Based on a wide spectrum of experience and matured technology achieved by NIPPON HAKUYO electronics, ltd. With a long history in the telecommunications field, we have consistently developed and marketed a wide range of multi-purpose telephone sets for the marine communication field. These include : the automatic,common battery, battery less, and explosion-proof types.

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Fire Detector(PHILAE)

Conventional type 4-line fire detector Simple and intuitive operation

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Exhibitor Presentation

Date May 26(Fri.) 13:00-13:30
Location A Room

Corporate information

Address 2210044
40-7,Higashikanagawa 2-chome,Kanagawa-ku,Yokohama JAPAN
TEL +81-45-453-6918
URL https://www.nhe.co.jp/

Contact in Japan

Japan Agent 日本舶用エレクトロニクス
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