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YDK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

YDK Technologies Co., Ltd continues research and development in each field and contributes society by making products that meet customers needs. Our core belief is that we will solve many problems by measurement using various sensing technologies.
We value our relationships with all of our stakeholders and continuously strive to be a reliable company.
This time, we will exhibit the PT900 heading control system which is included energy saving autopilot BNAAC and course control autopilot E COurse Pilot, the EML900 electromagnetic type speed and distance Measuring Equipment with excellent operability and visibility, the FOG 50 which is high performance fiber optic gyrocompass, and the RAIS100 rudder angle indicator.

Autopilot (Automatic steering control)

Autopilot automatically keeps the ship's heading. It controls a steering gear of the ship to keep it on course. Autopilot have a follow-up mechanism as a pilot system, and controls the steering gear. PT900: Applicable for all type of steering gear for general merchant vessels.

Gyrocompass (heading sensor)

Gyrocompass detects the ship's heading. It detects the direction of true north by using a fast-spinning rotor, which is influenced by gravity and rotation of the Earth, and detects ship's heading. The heading indicated by the gyrocompass is transmitted to receiving devices, including the repeater compass.

Electromagnetic log (Speed and Distance Measuring Equipment)

Electromagnetic log measures ship's speed and indicates distance traveled. The electromagnetic log measures speed through water (STW) from the flow of water at the bottom of the ship and calculates the total distance of navigation. We have two types of sensor : single-axis (fore-to-aft) and dual-axis (fore-to-aft and starboard-to-port).

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TEL +81-3-3225-5383
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