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YDK Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. A-72
Address 151-0051
2F Minami Shinjuku Hoshino Bldg., 5-23-13 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo JAPAN
TEL +81-3-3225-5383
FAX +81-3-3225-5316
Product Classification Gyrocompass CMZ900 Series
Autopilot PT900 Series
Electromagnetic Log EML900
Fuel Saving Autopilot "BNAAC"
New Fuel Saving Feature "E-COurse Pilot"
Paperless Course Recorder "PCR"
Logo or Photo
Company activities Since our founding in 1960, we have been pursuing “Realization of Corporate Philosophy and
Implementation of Action Guidelines” and providing high-quality products and services in related fields. We have been making effort to serve customers and society. With the aim of further growth, we changed the company name to “YDK Technologies, Inc.” with the aim of becoming a “company that provides attractive solutions that fuse technological capabilities as a trust partner for solving problems to support people's safety and security”.