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Nabtesco Corporation

The Nabtesco Group's products and technologies are used in precision reduction gears for industrial robots, hydraulic equipment, transportation equipment and automatic doors as well as other products in daily use. The Group's high-precision motion control technology provides the basis for these products and technologies. By providing high-quality products and services that meet the needs for our customers, we have earned large market shares in these respective fields.

Bridge Maneuvering System "M-800-Ⅶ"

The M-800-VII is a model with improved functionality while maintaining the advantages of the previous model. The "display" and "telegraph handle" have been redesigned.


The service called "Cassandra" that builds engine a nd hull models from various sensor information an d monitors performance.

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The service that calculates the optimum route and speed plan from the engine & hull model called "Pythia" and weather information and sea condition in formation.

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Kirari MUSE - Smart Sound Analyzer -

This product is a measurement tool that enables recording of heard sounds, recording of sounds on smartphones for visualization and sharing, and easy condition diagnosis by sound.

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Exhibitor Presentation

Date May 25(Thu.) 13:50-14:20
Location A Room
Title Nabtesco Solution - Developing Future Requirements -

Corporate information

Address 6512413
1617-1, Fukuyoshidai 1-chome, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo JAPAN
TEL +81-78-967-5361
URL https://marine.nabtesco.com/english/index.html

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