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Den-Jet Marine A/S

Den-Jet is manufacturing a range of high pressure cleaners and water blasters for onboard maintenance of steel structures such as decks, cargo holds and
tanks. We have supplied to more than 10000 vessels worldwide assisting the crew to keep the vessels in good condition. Standard versions and EEX models for tankers are standard supplies from our supply points in Europe and Asia.
We have supplied to many Japanese owned vessels both directly and via Management companies.

Den-Jet Water Blaster


Den-Jet Water Blaster EEX

Corporate information

Address DK9510
Terndrupvej 7, Arden DENMARK
TEL +65-6268-1238
URL http://denjet.com

Contact in Japan

Japan Agent Exeno Yamamizu Corporation
TEL +81-3-6369-8024

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