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Atos Authorized Service Center

We are the Authorized Service Center of Atos in Korea that supplies Atos products and Services.
Atos is an Italian hydraulic Manufacturer operating in more than 80 countries, with 9 production sites with over 750 professionals and they have been making high-quality valves. (Explosion proof, Stainless, Proportional valves, ETC)

We can provide the best solutions for Valve Remote Controls, MAN Diesel engine and Deck Machine.
Atos have supplied the explosion-proof valves to KSB, EMERSON, SCANA and PLEIGER for VRCs.

We supplied the hydraulic Motor, pump, control system and HPU for Deck Machine solutions to MIRAE INDUSTRY, DSME, HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES and SAMSUNG HEAVY INDUSTRIES.

Stainless steel valve

Solenoid operated valves: X full stainless steel, XS external stainless steel parts and XW internal stainless steel parts. Spool or leak free poppet executions. ATEX, IECEx, EAC, CCC, PESO, cULus certifications for gas II 2G, dust II 2D.


Explosion proof valve (d2G4)

Ex-proof solenoid valves, spool or poppet type, leak-free and low leakage executions. ATEX, IECEx, EAC, CCC, PESO, cULus, MA, KGS certifications for gas II 2G, dust II 2D and mining I M2.


Ex-proof Increased Safety valve (eG3)

Intrinsically safe solenoid valves, spool or poppet type, leak-free and low leakage executions. ATEX, IECEx, EAC, CCC certifications for gas II1G, mining I M2.


On/Off Solenoid valve

Solenoid valves with DIN, AMP, Deutsch or lead wire connections. Leak-free, low leakage and/or low power 8/15 W executions. Mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic operated valves. Modular type valves can be available for directional, flow, check controls, pressure relief, reducing, compensator and sequence.



100% digital electro-hydraulics : The only worldwide manufacturer offering a full range of digital proportional with outstanding performances and rugged design. P/Q Controls : Add pressure or force control to the flow regulation of directional proportional valves. Axis Controls : Servo-proportional valves with on-board digital driver & axis card for position, speed and force control of any electrohydraulic axis.


Hydraulic Filter

Hydraulic Filters with threaded or flanged ports for pressure lines, return lines, and suction lines. High-efficiency microfibre filtering elements, with or without by-pass. That can be available electrical or visual differential clogging indicators.

Italgroup - Hydraulic Motor

Italgroup Radial Piston Motors optimize the efficiencies of your rotary drive thanks to the constant torque maintained for the entire speed range, even at very low speed and starting condition. Available from 20cc to 13.000cc, in single, dual and triple displacement, Italgroup hydraulic motors can be supplied in combination with mechanical brakes, planetary gearboxes, flow dividers and several accessories and optional such as, speed sensors and anticorrosion treatments.

SUN - WINCH control block

All valves are integrated into one single unit with a wide range of options. Modular designed structures allow to extend any type of options simply. All Manifold blocks can be mounted directly on the motor using adapter plates customized to the different motors. Excellent controllability and designed to withstand the rough marine conditions.

Oilgear - Pump

The Oilgear Company is a global supplier of hydraulic drives and electronic control systems for diversified industries sharing a common need for the hightest level of machine performance, reliabiltiy, economy and product support possible.

GS Hydro - Non welding Pipe/Fitting

GS-Hydro is the original provider of non-welded piping systems for industries with high demand on quality. The leak-free piping solutions are preferred especially in the offshore, marine and land-based industries such as pulp and paper or steel industries. The reliability and numerous advantages of GS systems can be utilized in numerous high and low pressure applications with media such as water, oil, air, gas and mud.


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