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SPICO launched in 1988 as a manufacturer of marine diesel engine parts and auxiliary equipment. For more than 30 years, we have
supplied products to Korean engine manufacturers, including HHI, HSD, and STX. Our flagship products are air starting motors for medium-speed diesel engines, centrifugal oil cleaners, and cylinder lubricators for low- speed diesel engines.

Air Starting Motor

Turbine starting motors ensure a smooth engine start with the power of compressed air. Turbine starting motors are cost-effective, safe,reliable, environmentally friendly and efficient. We supply high-quality turbine starting motors to renowned engine manufacturers around the world with timely delivery.


Centrifugal Oil Cleaner

Centrifugal Oil Cleaner is working by the action & reaction principle caused by oil pressure in two nozzles. It creates a high-performance oil filtration unit rotating at a speed of 2,000~3,000 RPM. It can improve the oil purity and reduce the maintenance cost.


Portable Centrifugal Cleaner

Portable Centrifugal Cleaner is used to purify various types of industrial oils. PCC lets customers carry out oil purification in their desired location. It can be used for a range of equipment according to customer needs. Adopting the PCC series lets customers reduce oil change costs and machinery maintenance costs.


Cylinder Lubricator

Cylinder Lubricator is a special pump designed to supply lubricating oil to a cylinder liner. It consists of a plunger and barrel. The product is used to increase sealing effect and reduce corrosion or friction between piston ring and cylinder liner.



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