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PANASIA is a global eco-friendly and energy system expert that provides air quality, water quality, and Energy Solutions.

Hydrogen Generation System (PanaGen™)

PANASIA’s hydrogen generation system “PanaGen” is a renewable energy solution designed to generate hydrogen and achieve carbon neutrality in the hydrogen energy industry. The hydrogen generation system that employs natural gas reforming combines the reforming system and fuel cells.

De-SOx Scrubber System (PaSOx™)

PANASIA’s De-SOx scrubber system PaSOx™ is an air quality environment solution that reduces sulfur dioxide emissions in exhaust gas caused by burning of engine fuels.

Water treatment system (GloEn-Patrol™)

PANASIA’s water treatment system GloEn-Patrol™ is a water quality solution that is recognized as the most eco-friendly and safest system as it uses a filtration process, which is a 100% physical treatment method, and the “UV Lamp,” which is UV disinfection technology.

De-NOx Scrubber System (PaNOx™)

PANASIA’s De-NOx SCR system PaNOx™ is an ecofriendly solution that uses the Selective Catalytic Reduction mechanism (SCR system) to decompose nitrogen oxides from exhaust gas into harmless water(H2O) and nitrogen (N2) and releases them. We offer PaNOx™ for large-scale onshore systems for releasing exhaust gas emissions, such as power plants and boilers, and PaNOx™ Marine for onboard applications, which is designed to meet the IMO Tier III standadrs.


日付 5月25日(木)10:30-11:00
会場 C会場
タイトル 海運業界における脱炭素化への道 ”Onboard Carbon Capturing Systemについて
日付 5月26日(金)10:30-11:00
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タイトル 海運業界における脱炭素化への道 ”Onboard Carbon Capturing Systemについて


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